I learned 4 things before hitting one million dollars.

hitting one million
hitting one million

I have been an affiliate marketer for two years now.

The last one has probably been the most exciting and intense, with a lot of effort leading to success of hitting the magical seven-figures.

Here are 4 things I learned before hitting one million dollars

STM forum has been a great help in getting through my journey. A rich variety of people exist here who I am proud to call my friends today.

Here are some things I learned along the way:

Find something that drives you, no matter what

Affiliate marketing is difficult, and it will get more complicated as time goes on. You will be slapped in the face many times.

You will only be able to overcome a lot of failures to get success if you have something bigger than yourself which is what drives you. You must keep pushing and face any problems that you encounter during your journey.

I used affiliate marketing during a difficult period in my life. I took on an unsuccessful business venture, which left me bankrupt and without money for a car. But most people told me to take an established job – that it was too risky to start an entrepreneurial project like affiliate marketing.

I had seen the numbers that you can make in this game and I wanted to know more.

Find Your Edge

Or more like: let your edge find you. Once you find the way to fuel yourself through the obstacles and take massive action, your edge, that special set of skills / knowledge that only you have, will start showing up to help you along the way.

Maybe you are persistent where others quit, or good with analytics or the technical side of things. Perhaps you know how to build good relationships with people. Maybe you are just lazy and that keeps you motivated to optimize things so they work best with the least possible time and effort.

Whatever it is, it will be your key to hack your way towards success and reach there faster than other people.

Everybody has something they know or they do better than others. It’s not always obvious, but I found it to be crucial for my success.

Invest in relationships

One thing I love about being an affiliate marketer, is how much you can accomplish. In my previous startups, my phone never stopped ringing. Emails were constantly pouring in and meetings were always happening with customers, vendors and staff. When I didn’t have the time to be productive, I compensated it with so many hours in the office.

The remote work aspect of affiliate marketing is really excellent. It allows you to focus on your own successes and become really skilled. However, don’t underestimate the importance of relationships. People are an integral element for any business

How making helping others a priority and your motivation can make you better.

If you meet someone new at a meetup, they might be the missing piece of your next big campaign, you can also offer them the same.

It is important to make connections with other marketers, as these connections might provide you with a key that will take you to the next level.

Don’t spend more of your time with people who can’t understand your values, instead, make sure to choose those that share similar perspectives and value your well-being.

I didn’t have the time to connect with people when I was still working on developing my part-time consulting company. I filtered out toxic people and gave my best to my few connections that we shared both a common passion and values.

Now, many of the people who used to be my teammates have become my partners. We’ve achieved great results together and this journey has been fantastic.

The Importance of lifelong learning

And learning by doing. We’re always learning new things.

Always be looking for new ways to do things, even if you think you already know everything about the traffic source or vertical.

To do well in this industry, you need to keep up with the trends and mentorships can help. You also need to create your own strategy.

Our team has made the habit of allocating time and money to research and development. This was the most profitable investment we’ve had so far, and it’s exciting to discover new things.

We are always using new tech to give us an edge when it comes to traffic or conversions.

The initial investment may seem high but it pays off in the long run.

To conclude

  1. Find something that drives you, no matter what
  2. Find Your Edge
  3. Invest in relationships
  4. The Importance of lifelong learning

The first is the most important and in order to have a chance at success, you need to do the other three.

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