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About the Lotteries Affiliate Marketing

lotteries affiliate marketing
Lotteries affiliate marketing

Lotteries Affiliate Marketing:

Lotteries & Betting companies need to use affiliate marketing to maintain an active player base. These affiliates are rewarded with lottery tickets based on the people they bring. It is beneficial for companies as they can still receive money without having offline advertisements.

European lotteries use affiliate marketing to increase sales, which has been proven to be very successful. None of the US lottery jurisdictions offer their games online, but they do use affiliate marketing except for Georgia Lottery, Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan.

As gaming will be part of the future of lotteries, it is necessary to understand how affiliate marketing can benefit them when selling online. It has been proven that affiliate marketing can be beneficial for a successful online lottery.

INTRALOT has built its leads with successful affiliates. They are a great way to access a variety of high-interest content for your blog posts. INTRALOT is always looking for new ways to market their products, as they consist of young, talented marketers.

Publishers are those who promote offers for advertisers, and advertisers are simply the providers of offers. In this ecosystem, publishers and advertisers can be the same entity.

There are many different types of affiliate programs. The most common type is a revenue sharing model, so both the affiliate and the merchant benefit from having an affiliation with the other.

Worldwide, the affiliate marketing industry is worth 6.5 billion dollars, and it’s expected to increase. The majority of this revenue comes from retail customers looking to save money on products they want now.

Affiliates are becoming more prevalent despite the well-known challenges. Affiliate marketing is increasing in spend and it is predicted to become comparable to other areas of digital spending.

According The Forester research yielded five key findings.:

  1. The affiliate channel needs to be acknowledged for supplementing the telemarketing channels for customer acquisitions.
  2. Deal-driven buyers are more likely to buy a product they find on multiple online channels.
  3. Online shoppers in the affiliate channel spend more than average and are profitable for advertisers.
  4. How affiliate marketing helps trigger brand reconsideration and often closes the sales for online shoppers
  5. Negative reviews and coupons hurt companies. Ads in online affiliate channels can counteract these negative results by building the brand’s reputation and helping keep customer loyalty high.

Lottery/betting programs usually work under three structure types: Cost per Action, Revenue Share, or a combination of both.

Companies can pay a set sum for each player referred to them, such as $50 and when this happens it’s known as CPA.

With revenue share, the publisher gets a percentage of the losses for players that they introduce to the company. This percentage is usually set at 25%-30%. The commission can be higher if the company gives them large amounts of money. In return, the publisher gets a commission from player’s lifetime deposits.

Mechanism and Advantages:

The affiliate programs often provide text links with animated banner ads to help advertise the websites. There are several ways affiliates can advertise: paid traffic (like AdWords), a YouTube video with a link to the product with the affiliate ID, email marketing campaign, blog posts, and comparison sites.


  • Pay only for results.
  • A lottery can broaden their playerbase by participating in an affiliate program for ilottery (online sales). For the lotteries that already offer ilottery, setting up an affiliate program can increase customer reach, and give a greater chance of success at providing a higher-value product to their buyers.
  • When lottery tickets are advertised on other websites, it attracts traffic to the website and raises awareness of the brand. The links also act as inbound links for the lottery, which boosts their SEO and enables them to expand their customer base.
  • One of the unique benefits of affiliate marketing is the ability to track it for data purposes, including seeing things like click-through rates and views on a website.
  • Affiliate may be better at creating copy and scaling and have direct reaching to market segments

When a lottery decides to put an affiliate program in place, there are some things to think about. These include looking at your current audience and defining how you plan on marketing the program.That you also need to understand how to drive traffic, If a lottery doesn’t have proper advertising/promotion, it will not reach its full potential, even if though the games may be great.

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